Matte Green Choir Gown

Matte Green Choir Gown

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Take pride in wearing the best, a professional robe at a low cost from Cap and Gown Direct. One person does not have stand out for having the most expensive or inexpensive outfit. Wearing gowns eases the financial burden on families. Perfect for children and adults alike or churches who rent or lend robes every year, and want a durable set of regalia for use year after year.
Intended for church members looking for a set of regalia that will hold up for a long time. These quality pieces of your choir package will go nicely with a Stole or V-Stole if your church uses.

The Green Choir Matte Gown boasts an amazing look, durable construction, and comfortable style created from a 100% Comfortable Polyester Finish. Each Green Matte Gown is individually packed in a poly bag for easy distribution.

For correct Choir Matte Gown size please measure the persons height from the top of the head to the floor
Please give measurement in feet and inches
For females with heels add one inch

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